Web Design Trends 2020

Web Design Trends 2020

For everyone who creates with Word Press, the WordCamp Sofia 2019 conference is a special and obligatory event. On November 10, 2019, the long-awaited conference, organized by WordCamp Sofia was held in John Atanasov’s Hall in Sofia Tech Park.


Svetlana Tsoneva, a founder of Pixel House gave a lecture on Web Design Trends 2020. In it, she spoke about the new trends in web design and what are the mandatory elements in a website to keep it current in 2020. Thanks to the audience for their interest and questions after the lecture and throughout the conference.


Svetlana Tsoneva, Speaker of WordCamp Sofia 2019

Presentation Web Design Trend, 2020


To stay up-to-date on the web in 2020, Svetlana recommends focusing on asymmetrical design, animated .svg icons, big typography, and bold, even bright colors. Highlight with motion design and 3D showcases designed for the brand. Respect corporate identity and adhere to the brand’s vision and messages. Adaptive design for all devices is required, not only for 2020, it must be structured when designing the webpage.


Here are the most trending web trends for 2020.



1. Mobile First
2. 3d Design
3. Asymmetrical Layout
4. Big Typography
5. Animated Icons
6. Bold Colours
7. Motion Design
8. Minimalism
9. Micro animation
10. Background Video
11. Colour Transitions
12. Vertical Split Design

1. Line Art
2. Augmented reality
3. Chat bots
4. Voice Search