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Pixel House are a creative web design studio which develops boutique websites, brands and corporate identity that are not only connected to your personal style and individual preferences, but also gain the attraction of the right audience and potential clients.
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Our work is our way to live and love

Pixel House Web Studio was established in 2008 with the desire to create extraordinary user friendly websites with responsive web design structure inspired by our creative vision of art and our 15 years graphic design experience.

Corporate Identity

Your brand identity is the finest representation of who you are. Whether you are a new market player or you would like to rejuvenate your brand style, we can create an identity which is synced with your vision and strategy.


We offer logo design and a full brand identity, matching your company needs. We create a successful brands, which are good looking and represent your mission and objectives.

Web Design & Development

The website is a necessary tool for every company. Great websites are a well-balanced combination of the right message and technology. We focus on usability, impact and results achievement. We create a boutique web and e-shop design and development, as well as their maintenance.


Keeping the clients corporate identity, we create a working structure, which is strong and can grow in the future. We do training and consulting for our clients, so they can continue to support their sites after they are ready. Or we can make this instead of them.


We build with WordPress.

Graphic Design + Print

We do a full graphic design concepts, and we can offer the design for a different branding materials – from business cards, brochures, catalogs, promotional materials, packaging design, presentations for your company, design for social media identity, to billboards, car branding and much more.

The communication with your audience goes beyond the digital space? We are well prepared to bring your ideas to life in impactful and excellent manner of execution.

Social Media Branding Strategies

Social media gives you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand. You can reach to your clients easily and its better to follow your brand identity and have good marketing strategy.


All the activities you do in social networks leaves a digital footprint, which is traceable by search engines and used by your clients. It is the shape of your digital identity.


If you are willing to engage and expand your audience across the web with social media marketing, our team will help you to increase your conversions and expand your online visibility, as well as target influencers in your niche.

Packaging Design

A great product needs a top packaging design to help it stand out.

This is the purpose of packaging. When its done correctly and creatively, packaging is the key point of selling your product. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes your customers feel a certain way.

Why to choose us?


We find the best ideas for you.


We always do our tasks in time.


You will be delighted.