Web design process - Pixel House Web Studio
Pixel House are a creative web design studio which develops boutique websites, brands and corporate identity that are not only connected to your personal style and individual preferences, but also gain the attraction of the right audience and potential clients.
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Pixel House is a creative web design studio. We are developing boutique web sites with responsive design, Trade marks and Corporate identity, which are specially created to match your own style and requirements, as well as to target the right audience and clients for your business.

In Pixel House we follow 7 steps in our web design working process.


Fill out our brief (poll) for a website development. With the received information we will make you an individual price offer.


What is the type of the site / What kind of services it will have / Design requirements from the client / Research and discussion on other websites which you like / Selection of functionalities you would like to include in your site / Discussion about colors, logo, functionality, general view and etc..


Terms of starting the project - After accepting the offer you will receive from us, we sign a contract between the client and Pixel House Studio. After the contract, we will kindly request you to give us your company information, and we will send you a 50% advance pay invoice, so we can start working on the project. For the rest of the payment, please check the offer you had received from us.


Logo - if your company have one, please send it to us in a vector format (.pdf, .eps, .ai). If you don't have a logo or if you want us to make one, you can check out our offers for Corporate Identity at (http://pixelhouse.bg/pricing/) and send us a request. We start to work after we receive the whole content and information from your side, which you would like to include in the site. The content should be separated in Word doc. files, for each of the categories on the site. (For example - HOME: one file, ABOUT US - other file, SERVICES - third file and etc..). Mark the most important accents for your business in the Word files, on which you would like to focus the most. For example if you want to stylize the text in Bold, Italic or CAPS LOCK. Photos - please send us photos, which you would like to include in the site. You can find information about the rest of the resources in the file ``Structure of the site``, which you will receive from us.


We first create the design of the home page and one inner page, with the information we had received from you (texts, photos, contacts, location). We send you the design for a revision (approval). After we get the feedback from you, we make the needed edits/changes. After the approval of the home page design, we build and the rest of the pages and send them back to you for a feedback.


After we get a ``green light`` for the design, we build and the rest of the categories for the site.


After the site is ready, the client pay the rest 50% of the amount and we upload the site on your domain. We create videos, in which we show you the specifics of the platform and how you can upload or edit content, so the clients can administrate the site by themselves in the future.

Technical Support

If you like monthly maintenance for your site, please inform yourselves about the prices from the received offer, we will send.

SEO Optimization

We provide a basic SEO Оptimization. For the purpose, we will need every key words or meta description, by which you would like the visitors of your site to find you through Google, Bing, Yahoo.. After the site is 100% ready, we fill in every key word and meta description on your pages for a better search engine indexation.