Web content – live

Web content – live

Web content – live is a training for attractive, readable, understandable and easy to find engine and graphic content for web.

An Useful Training For Web Content Organized By Lucrat.

Today some of the best web content trainers from Lucrat are telling us their own content experiences in web.

Lucrat is the first organization that offers professional web testing services in Bulgaria.

Vladimir Petkov (Kaladan) is talking about the Attractiveness or how to write texts for web which will attract and keep the attention of the readers.

The Usability is no longer under cover because George Varzonovtsev is telling us how to quickly and easily navigate the readers to understand the main ideas of the text.

The secrets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are revealed by Ognyan Mladenov. His lecture is about how to make texts understandable for the search engines without interrupting the readers.

The Graphic Layout with Boril Karaivanov is a lecture about how to make texts appear visually better and how to to create a sense of professionalism and trust.

Pixel House is very thankful because we have learned a lot of new and useful things about web content, blogging and writing texts for web.