The Fading Graphic Design Trends in 2015

The Fading Graphic Design Trends in 2015

Nowadays the huge impact of Internet reflects

on how graphic design can influence

the targeted audience.

A Great Article About The Old Trends In Graphic Design

in 2015 And Also The New Ones In 2016.

There are some famous trends in graphic design sphere that have been used in 2015 but now almost at the beginning of the new 2016 they are not still that fashionable as before.

Muhammad Faisal is writing about the fading graphic design trends in 2015 and also about some of the new ones in 2016 such as Masonry Grid Layout, Hand-Drawn Illustrations and Cinemagraphs.

If you want to learn some cool stuff and more about this intriguing forecast you can read the full article here.