Svetlana Tsoneva

Svetlana Tsoneva has over 19 years of experience in the field of graphic and web design. In 2008, she founded the Pixel House web studio, which has been behind the professional positioning of over 80+ significant brands for more than eleven years. Svetlana and her team are one of the leading experts in Bulgaria for creating and redesigning a complete corporate identity and online brand presence – web design and site development, social networking presence, and visual reputation.


In early 2019, Svetlana founded the – Pixel Academy – Design.Digital.Web., Focused entirely on design, visual identity and digital presence. It also provides professional training and seminars related to brand design and construction, as well as visual brand identity. Design mentor and consultant on corporate brand presence online and offline. Svetlana Tzoneva has been a jury member of the Site of the Year competition for several years, a mentor at Able Mentor and a teacher at SoftUni CREATIVE.


In addition to the Pixel House and Pixel Academy web studios, Svetlana is behind the Oh dots – Handmade Items и Maverick – Wooden bow ties. She holds a BA in Visual Arts from NBU and a master’s degree in Art Management.


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SoftUni Creative, Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator Advanced, 2020
SoftUni Creative, Design Basics, 2020
SoftUni Creative, Logo Design, 2020
SoftUni Creative, Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator Advanced, 2020
SoftUni Creative, Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator, 2019
SoftUni Creative, Social Media Design, 2019


Contest Site of the Year, 2020
Contest Site of the Year, 2019
Contest Site of the Year, 2018
Contest BG Site, 2014
“I can here and now”, 2013


WordCamp Sofia 2019 / Web Design Trends 2020, 2019
SoftUni CREATIVE, 2019
Creative Casual II – Design & Drinks, 2019
Workshop / Social Media Design, 2018 – 2019
New Bulgarian University / PR & BRANDING, 2018
Girls Design it best! / So, what is the design anyway?, 2018


Able Mentor – Season 10, 2018



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