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Pixel House are a creative web design studio which develops boutique websites, brands and corporate identity that are not only connected to your personal style and individual preferences, but also gain the attraction of the right audience and potential clients.
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Pixel House designed and developed the site for the Legora accounting firm.

We have created a clean design that communicates with the legacy brand of Legora. To recreate a serious tone, because we are still talking about finances :), we reduced the colors in the project and worked with black and white and monochrome images.

Legora provides quality financial solutions for businesses in the following areas: tax, accounting, remuneration, and social security, representation, and protection before government bodies, international reporting to various local and foreign clients.

CLIENT / Legora

YEAR / 2019




Изключително аналитичен прочит на спецификите на моя бизнес модел, което е в основата на това да се постигне стегната и функционална структура на сайта. Благодарна съм, че посветиха толкова енергия и съм очарована от резултата, който постигнаха като визия. Факт е, че за тези хора няма невъзможни неща в сферата, в която са се посветили. Наслука!


управител на ЛЕГОРА