How to find more inspirational ideas for your top projects

How to find more inspirational ideas for your top projects

Finding your inspiration for the next project is not an easy job. In order to be more productive we do a lot of things to develop our knowledge and one of our favorite occupation is to visit the best capital`s events. There every digital artist, web or graphic designer could get pretty surprised and familiar with the best practices worldwide.

Digital Artist Festival and Hack Conference.

Let us tell you more about these events.

For the fifth time the National Academy of Art in Sofia presented a new edition of the International Digital Art Festival – DA Fest. The opening of the festival was on September 15 and the program included a lot of incredible performances, screenings, presentations, workshops and an exhibition. During the festival world famous artists presented contemporary artistic trends, research and technology and also demonstrated important advances in the field of digital arts. We were also there to collect new original ideas for our next projects.

On September 19 Pixel House took part of the best IT conference in Bulgaria – Hack Conference – a great event about IT education. The conference included interesting themes about programming, open source technologies, mathematics, algorithms, hardware, carrier opportunities, marketing and entrepreneurship. We are very pleased that we have the chance to be part of this incredible atmosphere.

That is our favorite way to find more inspirational ideas, so which is yours?