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Today Inspiration by La Fee De Fleur

WE LOVE COFFEE! Japanese Artist Creates A Unique Visual Diary While Having Her Coffee Appreciating the small things in life can make some of us really happy. This Japanese girl

Today Inspiration by Fyn Ng

Dimensional UI is an illustration, motion graphics and UI/UX project created and shared by Fyn Ng on his Behance profile. Fyn is a motion designer from Singapore, currently based in New York working

Today Inspiration by @pchyburrs

Loading Inspiration by @pchyburrs


What is the PANTONE Color of the Year? A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression

How to Choose a Typeface

7 Reasons to Have a Responsive Web Design Site

1. Mobile Usage Is On The Rise 2. Shopping On Mobile Devices Is Steadily Growing 3. Social Media Increases Mobile Visitors 4. Responsive Sites Improve SEO Rankings 5. Responsive Designs

A Company Is Giving Its Employees $1,500 Each To Go On Far-Flung Vacations

When it comes to inspiration some companies are not making compromises with their ideas. Employees Are Paid $1,500 Each To Go On Out-Of-Their-Zone VacationsThis article by Ariel Schwartz is a

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

The art term of color is "the use of all the hues in painting as distinct from composition, form, and light and shade". When it comes to marketing and design

How To Choose The Perfect Images For Your Web Site Or Blog Page

Do You Want To Know How To Choose The Perfect Image For Your Web Site or Blog Page? Pixel House Suggest you 5 Steps To Choose The Perfect One.Choosing the


The first coworking breakfast. Coworking - The Technological BreakthroughThis was Pixel House first coworking breakfast and we are all very happy that we were part of it! Our host Betahaus

Happy Children’s Day

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Today in Bulgaria we celebrate Children's day - the most colorful and childish day of the year! Happy Children's day to all of the children around the world!Pixel House Web

Silence Is The Place Where Productive People Go To Think

What is silence for every creator? Robin Sharma answers that question with this inspirational quote. We think silence is something everybody should use sometimes.Robin Sharma is a self-help writer and

Happy Earth Day

A great day to think about the environment and how to make our planet cleaner. The Earth Day is the day when all of us have to think about how

SEO Conference 2016

Pixel House attended this year`s SEO Conference. SEO Conference 2016.In April 22th Pixel House visited the most famous SEO Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference is focused on online advertising

Webit Festival 2016

Pixel House was also part of it. WEBIT FESTIVAL 2016 is gathering some of world's top enterprise leaders.In April 19th and 20th Pixel House visited the most famous web conference in

TED Talks / Part 1

PIXEL HOUSE & Cosmos presenting Motivational videos to help you succeed in Business and Life TED Talks / Part 1 It`s time for another dose of inspiration! We will return

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

Dennis Gabor, Abraham Lincoln, Peter Drucker or Anonymous? What is the origin of this expression?The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented. The earliest evidence about it appeared in

Animals and Geometry in an amazing collaboration

The combination between Math and Graphic Design. A very exciting work by Kerby RosanesWe were inspired by a very famous graphic design work made by a very talented phillippinian graphic designer Kerby Rosanes.

Mysteriously Surreal Paintings of Faceless Women Overpowered by Nature and Wildlife

Femininity and Nature Photo InspirationAmy Judd’s mysterious paintings epitomize the enchanting aspects of femininity. She creates images rich with a soft sensitivity, and though each piece is able to stand

Happy Women`s Day

Happy 8th of March It's the International Women's DayGod created someone who is wise and who knows love, make sacrifices. One who encourages and one who never gives up. God

Movie Inspiration Vol. 3

PIXEL HOUSE & Cosmos presenting Movie inspiration: 99 FRANCSThis Wednesday 09/03/16: 99 FRANCS (2007) You can join to event in Facebook here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF4EL5G7qhQ The movie is about the life of Octave

Честита Баба Марта От Екипа На Pixel House

1-ви Март Честита Баба МартаPixel House ви пожелава здраве, късмет, усмивки и много положителни емоции!

Pixel House Project Mary Jane Vodka

Our new project is already here! Mary Jane Vodka Has Its New WebsiteWe are happy to present you our new project for Mary Jane Vodka. Pixel House created the Reponsive Web ReDesign

Movie Inspiration Vol. 2

PIXEL HOUSE & Cosmos presenting Movie inspiration: HELVETICAThis Wednesday 02/03/16: HELVETICA (2007) You can join to event in Facebook here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkoX0pEwSCw P.S. Popcorn is provided. The world is big and

Be A Voice Not An Echo

Motivation by Albert Einstein. Not An Echo But A VoiceIn our opinion the quote "Be a voice not an echo" by Albert Einstein means that you have to stay right behind what

Movie Inspiration Vol. 1

PIXEL HOUSE & Cosmos presenting Movie inspiration: Exit through the Gift ShopThe world is big and full of inspiration! That's why Pixel House and Cosmos decided to welcome you to

How to Create A Perfect Logo in 11 Steps

Do You Want To Know How To Make A Perfect Logo Design? 11 Steps To Make A Perfect Logo Design.There is a lot of information about how to create a

4 Essential Rules Of Effective Logo Design

Very Important Rules About Logo Design. How To Make An Effective Logo Design.A logo is an essential part of your company brand. It works together with elements such as your

Everything Is Hard Before It Is Easy

Everything is hard but we all have to be patient in order to achieve our goals. Is that the key to success?"Everything Is Hard Before It Is Easy" - Johann Wolfgang

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

A motivational post about our own organization. Plan Vs. Goals"A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery Not all of us are all the time focused

Uber Changed Its Logo and a Lot of People Are Confused

Pros and Cons of the Uber`s New Logo Design. The New Brand Identity Of Uber.It changed a lot Ride-hailing company Uber has a new logo—and it requires an explanation. In

The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016

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The Most Common Graphic Design Trends In 2016. Top 9 Graphic Design Trends In 2016Janie Kliever is talking about the graphic design trends in 2016. It is possible that most

Kallur lighthouse, Faroe Islands

Kallur lighthouse on picturesque cliffs on Kalsoy island, Faroe Islands The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop.Photograph by Grégoire Sieuw

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pixel House Web Studio! Let the Christmas Spirit ring!May the spirit of Christmas bring joy to your heart and happiness to your home.

16 Web & Graphic Design Trends To Watch In 2016

A Great Article About The Web & Graphic Design Trends In 2016. A Great Article About The Web & Graphic Design Trends In 2016. As a web & graphic design

Start before you are ready

To start before you are ready? Is that the key to success?We think that the perfect but in the same time extreme example of this quote is the experience of

The Mood Today

Why different people have different opinions? It Is A Point Of View.Well, to have an opinion we think it means to state how you see the world around you. Every

Kickstart Of The Week

An extremely motivational quote by Robin Sharma. Don`t Live The Same Year 75 Times And Call It A Life! - Robin SharmaRobin Sharma is one of our favorite authors for

Pixel House Web Studio Is 7 Years Old

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Today Pixel House Web Studio turns 7 years. We already know we have the first seven!Our Pixel Team wants to thank about all the support and good times with our clients,

An eagle soaring over a lake in Canada

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop. An eagle soaring over a lake in CanadaAmerican Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) taken at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario. Photograph by Fred

Web content – live

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Web content - live is a training for attractive, readable, understandable and easy to find engine and graphic content for web. An Useful Training For Web Content Organized By Lucrat.Today

Two worlds divided, New York, USA

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop. Two worlds divided, New York, USACentral Park West, in New York City, as seen from above where there is a split between

The Fading Graphic Design Trends in 2015

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Nowadays the huge impact of Internet reflects on how graphic design can influence the targeted audience. A Great Article About The Old Trends In Graphic Design in 2015 And Also The

Get In The Ring 2015

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Get in the ring is part of an international entrepreneurship forum that meets the most promising start-ups from more than 70 countries from all over the world. An Exciting Event For

Mood In The House Today

When you believe in yourself and your capabilities everything is possible. ``Believe you can and you`re halfway there.`` - Theodore RooseveltThis motivational quote is a great example of what we

The Daily Mood Quote

Curiosity and Eagerness - The Right Way To Success! Be Curious And Eager. That`s The Best Way To Become A Leader."The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy

Bulgarian Design Group Event

Today we are listening a lecture at BDG Event. Petya Savova (5Я) and Bulgarian Design Group (BDG) are guests at Cosmos Coworking Camp.Today we are listening a great lecture orginized

The Daily Mood Quote

Every person is unique, we all know that. Each Of Us Is A Little UniverseEvery person on the planet is different and we are not talking only about our DNA

SEO Newest Trends In 2015 Part 3

The last part 3 of SEO course by SEOM is already here. The Newest Trends In SEO.Today is the last day of the SEO course organized by SEOM. Dimitar Dimitrov

Pixel House Web Studio Is Moving to a New Office Location

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Yes, it is time for a change and the first step Pixel House Web Studio made is a brand new office. Our New Home Is The Newest Inspiring Venue For Design Events

WordCamp Sofia 2015 Contributor Day

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The Biggest WordPress Event in Sofia. Today Pixel House Is A Contributor For WordPress At WordCamp Sofia 2015 Today is the second day of WordCamp Sofia 2015 and Pixel House

WordCamp Sofia 2015

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The Biggest WordPress Event in Sofia. Today Pixel House Is At WordCamp Sofia 2015 Today part of the Pixel House Studio Team is watching movies and great presentations at WordCamp

How to find more inspirational ideas for your top projects

Finding your inspiration for the next project is not an easy job. In order to be more productive we do a lot of things to develop our knowledge and one of

SEO Newest Trends In 2015 Part 2

It is time to continue with improving our knowledge of SEO. Let`s get started! The newest trends in SEO.Pixel House is at SEO course Part 2 and today our mentor Ognian

SEO Newest Trends In 2015 Part 1

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Professionals from SEOM are telling us the secrets of Search Engine Optimization in 2015. The newest trends in SEO.Today we are at Search Engine Optimization course to improve our knowledge of

Say YES to the bulgarian cyrillic

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"Say YES to the bulgarian cyrillic" is entirely citizens' initiative. We believe that the unification of professional communities that assert shared values has a huge potential to change the environment.

A great campaign of Zagorka Retro

Since the times when photo albums were made of paper... The campaign of Zagorka Retro definitely deserves attention and makes you feel young again.A very creative and enjoyable advertisement for

Two Days of UX Inspiration, Networking and Learning by Doing

UXify is a two-day community event dedicated to the latest trends and best practices in UX design. The event combines inspirational seminars with practical workshops to give you the insights

SEO Конференция 2015

SEO Конференцията е еднодневна специализирана конференция за SEO, SEM, социални мрежи, интернет маркетинг и реклама, която ще се проведе в София на 24.04.2015 в Интер Експо Център. SEO Конференция 2015SEO

CEEDS`15 by Webit

"The most influential Digital & Tech gathering for the markets of Central & Eastern Europe" -The Wall Street Journal CEE Digital Summit by WebitRead more about CEEDS`15 by Webit here.

Pixel House is a judge in BG Site 2014

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The competition BG Site 2014 is the most prestigious competition for web awards in Bulgaria and this is the 15-th edition. BG Site 2014 For a second time Pixel House

The Global Webit Congress 2014

We were also there. The Global Webit Congress is bringing together digital Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia!The Global Webit Congress 2014 gathered digital ecosystem of Europe, Middle East, Africa

Summer Knigoteriya

A Project of Pixel House Web Studio, Publishing House Enthusiast and Gelateria Confetti. Summer never ends!We had the honor to be involved in a very positive and refreshing project -

Bulgaria Web Summit 2014

A great event about the digital world and all new trends. More about the conferenceThe event represents the innovations in web technologies, design and business. We were also part of

DigiTalk 2014

The most important digital technology event in Southeast Europe. The speakers are global business leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, investors and digital marketing professionals. DigitalK 2014 is the leading SEE technology event.

WebitXpo 2014

An event that gives us a lot of energy, new information and smiles. With inspiration and happiness everything is possible!Inspiration and happiness - if you don`t have them we will

Webit Digital Summit Bulgaria 2013

WEBIT Webit 2013Webit Digital Summit Bulgaria 2013 is the most remarkable event about digital marketing, technology, entrepreneurship, business development, finances and PR in Bulgaria. Pixel House has the opportunity to

SEO Конференция 2013

SEO Конференцията е еднодневна специализирана конференция за SEO, SEM, социални мрежи, интернет маркетинг и реклама. SEO Конференция 2013SEO Конференция 2013 е водещото събитие на тема оптимизация и маркетинг за търсачки

WebXpo 2010

WebXpo 2010 is a web event about web design and development, digital marketing, e-commerce, hosting, social media and web 2.0, business and enterprise, web services, mobile and web applications, online

WebXpo 2010 in Plovdiv

Pixel House will be also part of WebXpo 2010. For the second time Pixel House will present its business at Web Expo 2010.This year is the second one when Pixel

Pixel House Studio with new website

Welcome to our new website! A lot of changes, more functional and elegant than ever! We are more than proud of our new webstite! We are happy to announce that

Web After Hours 2010

It is time for another edition of Web After Hours. Web After Hours 2010The event is for everyone who are interested in web. You can find more information about Web

Pixel House Web Studio with new address

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Pixel House is with new house. Our home is your home.Pixel House Web Studio has a new address/ home/ house and it is on 20, Krakra str., floor 1, app. 6,

Happy First Birthday to Pixel House Web Studio

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Happy birthday to us! Pixel House is 1 year old!Today is our first birthday. We are glad to say we have been through a lot this year, we worked hard